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Infrastruktur Fiber Optik

Dengan kebutuhan data yang cepat dan stabil Jaringmas menawarkan solusi jaringan serat optik dengan kapasitas bervariasi kepada anda , sehingga mempermudah koneksi mitra bisnis dan data center. Hal ini memudahkan anda untuk mendapatkan solusi yang fleksibel dan sesusai dengan kebutuhan.


With more than 10 years of experience, Jaringmas will provide convenience in the development of fiber optic infrastructure, supported by reliable and experienced technicians to make the best choice for helping your business. 

No Data Congestion

Because your business depends on the internet for more of your ongoing activities, you are basically sending and receiving more data packages around the world from time to time. Thus, you want to ensure that you have the fastest access to as much material as possible. With fiber, Anda bisa menjadi bukti masa depan. Karena fiber adalah saluran data tercepat yang tersedia.

Minimum Latency

Indeed, fiber internet optics provides you with access cloud which is much faster than other types of connections. Your upload and download speeds will of course be much faster thanks to the symmetry speed fiber , but you will also have less concern about latency, and lower latency through fiber means that information packets are sent much faster and reliably while using fiber .

High reliability

Fiber provides very reliable data transmission. Completely immune to many environmental factors that affect copper cables. The core is made of glass, which is an insulator, so that no electric current can flow. It is immune to electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference (EMI / RFI), crosstalk , and much more. You can run cable fiber optics in addition to industrial equipment without worried. But fiber are slightly more susceptible to temperature fluctuations than copper and can be submerged in water.

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