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Cloude Storage

Jaringmas cloud storage offers a different experience for storing your data, in terms of security, convenience and competitive prices.


Access your data wherever and whenever


Easy to archive

As we know that cloud storage has the ability to store or archive data easily. Where this becomes a way to prevent data from being corrupted or lost when stored on local storage media such as hard disks, flash disks and so on. Of course, when important data in a business is damaged or lost, it will become a big problem considering the data is important to support business success.

improve performance in business

When you have saved data or files in cloud storage, you don't need to store data using local storage media and carry it with you in every business activity. Given that, because with cloud data storage can be accessed at any time while connected to the internet network. So that will indirectly lead to increasing your performance in business that is more efficient.

Save cost

Basically, cloud storage is more helping your business to save costs in meeting the need for data storage. Where as explained earlier that by using it no longer need to do local storage so that this is also not hardware such as hard disk or flash disk. In addition, the business you run does not need to need someone who is an expert to take care of all the data that your business has.


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